International credit reports
Credit Reports can be of particular use to tactfully collect information on the entire background of a company

At Rose Leemon, we understand the need for accurate and reliable information by providing Business Information Reports (Credit Reports). Our reports are designed to meet the needs of businesses that need quick and reliable information

It would not be not be out of place to mention that our reports will include maximum information, financial position, Capital Structure and other related details so that it would be easy for the end user to take a correct decision. With our BizINFO Report, knowing the trading partner's financial strength, payment history and credibility has never been easier.
A standard credit report contains the following data –
Ownership and Management
  • Names of directors, shareholders or proprietors
  • Capital structure and shareholdings

Legal Status and History

  • Date of establishment / incorporation
  • Legal status, registration number and trading style
  • Registered address
  • Affiliated companies
  • Historical information, change of ownership


  • Full details of business activities
  • Equipment employed
  • Description of premises
  • Number of employees

Financial Information

  • Extracts from or full balance sheets (wherever available) obtained from official registries or directly from the company
  • Bankers

Credit Appraisal and Conclusion
Creditworthiness, payment records or behaviours and credit recommendations.
From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe, we have access to credit information providers who can supply you with high quality credit reports on your trading partners.

Our Clients

Our clients come from a diverse range of organizations which includes the following:

    * Credit Insurance Companies
    * Commercial Banks
    * Trade Associations
    * Financial Institutions
    * Collection Agencies
    * Legal Firms
    * Exporters
    * Export Credit Agencies
    * Security Services Companies
    * Factoring Companies
    * Corporate Investigators