Debt collection
Our Debt Collection services are based on “No collect No Fees basis”. This means we receive fees if and only we collect something.

We contact the debtor directly by phone or attorneys’ letters and make all efforts to settle the debt amicably. Most of the cases are settled out of court without any need for a legal action.

Our Fees vary greatly based on a number of issues –

  1. Amount, age and volume of debt
  2. Location of the debtor
  3. Involvement of Attorneys
  4. Requirement to file suit to collect the debt

We attempt to collect a debt under the following agreement:

1 We will comply with all local and such policies of our clients company as may be disclosed to us.
1 Our fees and our attorney’s fees are contingent on collection at the fee schedule specified. Fees are calculated on gross payment.
1 Clients will advise us immediately of any debtor payment or payments made directly to them and RLCRCL will invoice you for the fee for the collection.
1 RLCRCL will immediately notify its clients of any lawsuit or claims against them or RLCRCL arising out of our efforts on your behalf.
1 RLCRCL has no authority to settle any debt for less than the full amount owing, except under the client’s EXPRESS permission.
1 RLCRCL is authorized to refer files to attorneys for collection at its discretion. However, authorization to the suit may come only from the client and the Court costs will be paid by the client.
Our Clients

Our clients come from a diverse range of organizations which includes the following:

    * Credit Insurance Companies
    * Commercial Banks
    * Trade Associations
    * Financial Institutions
    * Collection Agencies
    * Legal Firms
    * Exporters
    * Export Credit Agencies
    * Security Services Companies
    * Factoring Companies
    * Corporate Investigators