About Us
Founded in 1976 and now a leading player in the industry, Rose Leemon Credit Reports & Collections Limited is a company based in Bangladesh which specializes in company credit information and risk management.

The Company was founded by Mr. A.O.Z Rose, when business information or its need was not familiar with most of the people in country. But he had the vision that it is a necessary field in global trade and commerce. A Graduate from Oxford and with a Post Graduation Degree in International Marketing from Sunderland University, his vision was not wrong. Today Rose Leemon is the largest Credit Reporting Agency of Bangladesh having more than 2 million reports in its database.

Being the pioneer in Credit Reporting in Bangladesh and with its exclusive network of associates Rose Leemon now covers 250+ around the world, providing world class services to its increasing list of high profile clients.

We cater to the needs of several National and International Banks, Credit Insurers, Factoring Companies. Accounting & Legal Firms, Embassies, Trade Missions, Consulates, Financial Institutions and a wide range of multi-national organizations. It is not a coincidence that we are partners to some of the largest credit management service providers in the world.

Rose Leemon is now recognized by the international companies of the same line of business as a rising provider of quality credit information and debt collection.
Our Clients

Our clients come from a diverse range of organizations which includes the following:

    * Credit Insurance Companies
    * Commercial Banks
    * Trade Associations
    * Financial Institutions
    * Collection Agencies
    * Legal Firms
    * Exporters
    * Export Credit Agencies
    * Security Services Companies
    * Factoring Companies
    * Corporate Investigators